1-step biz growth

Posted by willtan 24/12/2016 0 Comment(s)

Most businesses are trying to build their own websites and hoping that customers would drop by and purchase from their site. Unfortunately as more businesses try to achieve the same, each is trying to outshout the other. Marketing costs escalate and eat into the business' profits.


Is there a saner way to do business in this modern internet connected world? Fortunately the answer is a "Yes!". One just have to open shop in an e-marketplace.


One of the benefits of opening shop in an e-marketplace is that the marketing cost is borne by the e-marketplace. This frees your funds to be used as working capital. Also, the risk is taken away from you. Imagine running ads and achieve no sales - that is a risky proposition. In e-marketplaces like ValueStar, the Seller does not pay anything until a deal is completed. This makes it risk free for the Seller to do business. Isn't that a great thing?

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