We are on the look out for great talent who would make a difference to the world. We are looking for those with drive that can overtake a cheetah, killer instinct like a lion and skills that even Houdini find it hard to match. You must be keen to take on the challenge of being in a startup. In return, we will give you a ride of your lifetime. Imagine being part of the team that built something from nothing. The satisfaction is immense. Of course, we would not have you living on bread and butter alone. Perhaps some pumpkin soup now and then.

You can be in the area of information technology, marketing or sales.

Send us your resume at and we will take it from there.

We are looking for wizards in the area of PHP, CSS, frameworks like Laravel and mobile programming (iOS and Android). Some magicians in marketing are needed too, especially those who can conjure up an integrated marketing campaign of social media concoctions, email campaigns and site promotions. We also need people from Narnia who can rally the Sellers from the land. You should have experience in outbound call centers and able to execute an outbound call campaign.