Buyer's Assurance

At ValueStar, we believe that Buyers should have a great buying experience. Our ValueStar Buyer's Assurance Program is intended to achieve this.


We are concerned about your online safety. We subscribe to the industry leading web technologies like SSL and CloudFlare to protect your online safety. In addition, we are McAfee certified to ensure that you are not phished and can buy with peace of mind.


To ensure that your payments and information are secure, we use PayPal, the established and industry leading Payment Gateway. PayPal has policies that are customer friendly with proper refund policies in place. In addition, we do not keep your payment information in our servers. At the point of payment, you are securely directed over PayPal's servers where your payment information is processed.


We ensure that you get the items you paid for. The moment your items are shipped, you will receive a verifiable tracking number that you can track until the items are delivered to you. In the event the items are not delivered, you are entitled to a refund. Your payment is safe and kept in an escrow until you receive your shipment in good order.

We are pleased to have you do business in our site. At any time, please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions, feedback or complaints.